Message by Rev. Erny McDonough
Fisherman’s Chapel, Port O’Connor, Texas

James 5:17 NIV Elijah was a man just like us…  KJV subject to like passions as we are…  LB completely human as we are…  Worrell a man of like nature with us…  Twentieth Century NT only a man like ourselves…  New English Bible with human frailties like our own…  Williams feelings just like ours…  NT of Modern Speech with a nature similar to ours…  Basic English Bible a man of flesh and blood as we are…  John Knox a mortal man like ourselves…  The Message a human just like us …

Intro: Three weeks ago, I preached that Elijah was a man of prayer. I talked about Prayer being communion with God; Prayer being a time when God talks to us; Prayer being sweet fellowship with God, and that Prayer strengthens the child of God.

Two week ago, we looked at Elijah as a man of purpose. We saw that Natural man wants a life that is easy; but Spiritual man wants a life that will advance God’s Kingdom. We looked at the fact that Elijah’s Purpose was to wholly serve the Lord!

Last week, we will be looking at Elijah as a man of passions. Elijah had human frailties. He went through a time of great depression, because he allowed self-pity to take a hold of his spiritual life! He forgot to Whom he belonged! And, yet God translated him! Why? Because he was a man who sought after God. He was not moved by mere demonstrations of God’s presence – he contended for God Himself! He did not chase the wind that tore the mountain apart and shattered the rocks. Feeling the “earth move under his feet” with the earthquake did not victimize him. The supernatural fire was not something he sought! He waited until God Himself showed up, and heard Him speak to him personally in the gentle whisper. God, help us to run after God and not “signs and wonders!” Remember, it was Jesus Who said that only a wicked and perverse generation would run after signs!

And finally, next time, we will see Elijah as a Man of VICTORY.

More than just a human like us, Elijah was an effective instrument of righteousness in God’s hands. What God did through Elijah, He wants to do through us! Let us examine Elijah as a Man of Faith.

I. Elijah Believed And Obeyed The Lord!

When God said it, Elijah believed it enough to act upon it! Remember, he went to Mt. Carmel and stood up to the 850 false prophets! He went to the Brook Cherith! He went to the Widow’s house in Zarephath! He had a passion to see his nation return to God, so he believed when he asked that it not rain for three and one half years that it would not rain! He believed it so much that he told King Ahab before the drought began that it was coming! Before he began praying for it to rain, Elijah believed that it would rain again! When his servant reported after his seventh (7th) prayer, that he saw a cloud as small as a man’s hand rising from the sea, it was enough for Elijah to tell King Ahab that an abundance of rain was coming!

It is so important that when we know what God wants from us that we act accordingly and decisively! It is okay if we stick our necks out for the Lord! It truly does not matter if others understand us or not! It is all-important that we believe God enough to do what we hear the Lord say to us!

What is God saying to you? Are you believing enough to take actions on what God is speaking to you? If not, resolve today that you are going to begin believing God!

II. Believing And Obeying Will Result In Impossibilities Becoming Realities!

The raven would have never fed him if he had not gone to Brook Cherith in obedience! The widow and her son would have died of starvation and Elijah with her, had Elijah not obeyed! Fire would have not come from Heaven! The nation would not have been brought to a decisive decision without the showdown on Mt. Carmel. Rain would not have fallen had Elijah not believed and obeyed!

What is it that you and your family is missing out on simply because you refuse to believe and obey? What impossibility would become a reality if only you believed and obeyed! What kind of victory could you experience in your life, if only you would have faith enough to obey! Tell me about your faith all day long, but don’t ask me to believe in your faith until you are acting upon it!

I know that we are living in a world that downplays faith, but what would happen if you and I bucked that trend? I truly believe that God wants to do great things through us – things that are impossible – if we will only believe and obey!

III. Understanding Our Purpose For Being, Helps Us Realize Our Potential!

God wants us to execute His plan in the earth! He has chosen to use you and me! He has made me to be an instrument for righteousness in His hands. That is my purpose!

When I become what He has ordained me to be, all things will become possible because I believe! When I possess the faith of God, by having faith in God, God will show up to be God in situations that I face! When I will get a hold of Growing Faith (faith as a grain of mustard seed – seed), God will complete the process that He has began in us! I want to be all that I can be for God! I know that you want to be all that you can be for God! AND, most importantly, God wants us to me all that we can be so He can do great things through us!

My purpose in life is not to become rich or famous, but to simply lift Jesus up for the world to see! My purpose is not to see my name in lights, but to see Jesus exalted in the earth!

Conc: Am I going to get hooked on supernatural manifestations? Am I going to fall for signs and miss the Lord? Will I hear His voice and be willing to simply obey? I believe when we get to Heaven, we will see all the “impossibilities” that God wanted to make happen if only I would have had faith enough to act on God’s Words!

Can I encourage you to act upon what God is saying! Then, and only then, will we become people who are effective instruments of righteousness in God’s hands!

~ Pastor Erny


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