Message by Rev. Erny McDonough
Fisherman’s Chapel, Port O’Connor, Texas

There has been a move on for several years to cross Christ out of Christmas. You have seen it. It looks like this: “X-MAS!” I know that some are just attempting to abbreviate the holiday that is special to most Americans, but when it is done, it is helping those who wish to do away with all expressions of Christianity from our society. Just recently, I learned that a Pastor friend of mine the in Houston area had his church’s web site “hacked” into. There were several pages of anti-Christian messages and concluded with the statement, “Pastor Tim, if you do not stop preaching that Jesus is the only pathway to God, we will get you!” That drives me to write this article that I have been thinking about for several months.

It was at a funeral for one of Joane’s cousins when I heard all three of the ministers involved use the same Scripture, which was John 14:1 – 7. I know these verses from heart because I have referred to them so many times. But, this time, verses 5 and 6 brought up a real question for me. “Thomas (one of Jesus Disciples) said to Him, ‘Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?’” Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

My knowledge of the Scripture tells me that in the Old Testament, God referred to Himself as “I AM!” We know that “God is Love!” My question was “Is Jesus saying that He is God, and as such is Way, Truth, and Life?”

My studies told me quickly that Jesus truthfully can say that He is God! There are other Scriptures that can be translated “I AM” which directly refer to Jesus. Christmas is about God becoming man. Jesus was our “God-man!”

This led me to the second part of my question. “Is there an article, “the” in the original text or can it be translated, “Jesus is Way! Jesus is Truth! Jesus is Life!” I have no problem supporting such statements. There are many Scriptures that teach that Jesus is the only way to the Father! There are many Scriptures that teach that without Jesus was could know no truth! There are many Scriptures that teach that without Jesus we are dead in our sins and that only through a personal relationship with Jesus can we have real life! But, this Scripture is not teaching that truth.

An even greater truth was discovered as I studied the meaning of these Scriptures. I learned that in the Greek, “I AM” is masculine, but the article “the” is feminine. This was very interesting because this does not happen often in any language. What the author of this writing was trying to convey was that Jesus had three children – that He gave birth to “way, truth, and life!” In other words, there would be no way to God, except that Jesus birthed it! We could never know the truth of God, except that Jesus birthed it! We would never know the real life, except that Jesus birthed it!

I know that I have taken you on a theological journey that I do not normally lead you in my writings, but it is time that we as Christians stand up and declare to the world that Jesus is the only way, the only truth, and the only life! Without Jesus, no one could ever find peace with Father God. Without Jesus we could know all kinds of truth, but none that would matter in eternity. Without Jesus we would never understand why we were born and would spend our days here on earth without experiencing the life that Jesus wants to bring us.

In our efforts to be “Politically Correct,” we have become “Historically Ignorant,” as I titled an article at the first of this year. We so want to be accepted that we now call it “tolerance,” when it was deemed “non-acceptable.” We had rather teach our children about Santa Claus than about a Child being born in a manger! We had rather learn about Harry Potter than about the miraculous working Lord Jesus Christ! We are willing to allow anyone and anything to be a god as long as we do not offend!

But, the truth of Christmas is that Jesus came into this world to bring us “the Way” that would lead us to God’s Heaven! Without Jesus we are hopelessly lost. There are many ways that the Bible says mankind believes to be right ways, but at the end of each of those pathways there is only death, both temporal and eternal death.

The truth of Christmas is that Jesus came as a Baby to provide humanity with “Truth!” I’ve been told that I am so narrow minded that if I don’t find it in the Bible; I am not going to believe it! I plead guilty as charged! The beginning of all wisdom is the fear of the Lord and I get to know the Lord by reading and studying the Bible. There have been so many things I have been taught in school that later I was taught that that was wrong! Most of you, who are about my age, remember that we were taught about another “link” in our connection with the monkeys that now we know that it was a total fabrication by some Englishmen! We were taught that water was a conductor of electricity and now we know that just the opposite is true! Let me get my truths from God’s Word, then I will know it to be truly true! Parents, I beg you to teach truth to your children and it will never be outdated!

The truth of Christmas is that Jesus is the only provider of “Life!” Many people awaken from what they believed to be “living the life,” only to realize that what they have found has brought them to the brink of death. We know people in this community that believed they were expanding their life that overdosed. Until we allow Jesus to become the Lord of our lives, we will not have real life! Until we choose Jesus as the director of our activities, we will continue finding dead-ended roads!

Again, I know this is not the type of article that I write, but if this is the last article I write, I must let you know the truth of Christmas. Jesus came to provide “The Way, The Truth, and The Life!” Allow Jesus to grant you these this Christmas!

~ Pastor Erny


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