Message by Rev. Erny McDonough
Fisherman’s Chapel, Port O’Connor, Texas

Matthew 2:1-12

Intro: The wise men, as we call them, had traveled about 18 months following a star. They had gone to the palace in Jerusalem and asked Herod the Great about the birth of the King. He had sent them on their way toward Bethlehem. After leaving King Herod, they were glad to once again see the star and have it lead them once again. When that star stopped over the house where Jesus was, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. WHY? Because they had learned The Good News Of Christmas!

I. The Christmas News Is Divine!

It is news that God makes – news that the Holy God, Who has promised redemption for sinners has kept His promise, has sent His one and only Son, and has come in Christ for the salvation of all who trust Him. The Devine News is that God, for Christ’s sake, invites us to His Christmas table, invites us miserable sinners to share personally in the privileges and power of the Kingdom of Heaven!

II. The Good News Of Christmas Is Durable!

It is God’s Good News throughout this age of Grace! “Take heart!” God says! Here is hope, high hope. Christ, the Holy Savior of sinners, is come! Christ, the crucified One, is risen, the invincible Victor over all the powers that aimed to destroy Him. Christ lives today, granting forgiveness to penitents and gifting them with new life. Sin, oppression, and injustice are doomed and dated! Christ, the Man of God, and the God-Man, gives new life to fallen mankind in the middle of this shabby world. He raises up His new society that has a destiny in eternity!

III. The Good News Of Christmas Is Distributable!

It is God’s Good News for beleaguered humanity and for spiritually famished mankind. It girdles the globe and spans the nations. From scores of modern nations pilgrims will gather in Bethlehem on Christmas Day, mindful that the Word became flesh in Jesus of Nazareth.

IV. The Good News Of Christmas Is Highly Dangerous!

A. It bears on human destiny! It is decisive, and it calls each of us to a personal decision. For God, or against God; for Christ, or against Him; for the forgiveness of sins, or against it; for fellowship with God, or against it; for the Commandments of God or against them; for the Word of God, or against it – that is the choices we face because of Christmas!

B. The Good News of Christmas can be the best news of all, or the costliness of all! When the news is best, the cost of neglect is always greatest! News that the promised Redeemer has come is the best Good News of all!

Conclusion: If we believe in Christmas, then we must believe that that Babe born in a stable and laid in a manger is truly the Son of God!

If He indeed is the Son of God, then His mission was to die for the sins of mankind, including ours!

If He did die for our sins, then we have an obligation to Him for what He has done for us at Calvary!

He is not a dead sacrifice today, but a Risen Lord, one to whom we will have to give an accounting of our lives! As the Risen Lord, He will come again, and that, my friends, very soon!

What are we doing about the Good News of Christmas! It is very dangerous to reject it!
~ Pastor Erny


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