Matthew 2:1-12

Matthew 2:1 & 2 After Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi (wise men)from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the One Who has been born King of the Jews? We saw His star in the east (where it rose) and have come to worship Him.

Intro: Who were these “wise men?” They were descendants of Abraham through Keturach – his second wife after Sarah. They were inhabitants of northern Arabia. They had been told about the Messiah promise and were watching just as the Jews were. They believed God manifested Himself through fire, so they watched the stars; feeling stars were the fires of heaven. This star was possibly a meter that came just over the earth – close to the ground, not high in the heavens. However, it may have been one of those special revelations that God chooses to give mankind! They were so convinced that this star was the one mentioned by Balaam in Numbers 24:17, that they stopped their own businesses and followed it for about 18 months!

I want us to note at least seven (7) things these men did that qualified them to be called “wise men.”

I. They Observed.

They were looking for the star that was promised, they therefore saw the star! Had they not been looking, the star would have gone unnoticed by them!

II. They Understood. v.2 We saw His star

Many must have seen the star, but only those who were followers of God’s Word understood! There are many who recognize the signs of the coming of Jesus, but because they have not studied God’s Word, they just act like these signs are normal! James promised that If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God …

III. They Acted. v.2 We saw His star … and have come

Too often we see and understand, but fail to act! I know I need to change, but we keep on going the same pathway! Not so with Wise Men!

IV. They Rejoiced. v.10 they were overjoyed

Their journey was successful! They had reached their journey’s end – completed their quest! They found what they had searched for!

V. They Worshiped. v.11 they bowed down and worshiped Him

They went from standing to head between their knees with faces on the floor. Bro. Zercher told of going to Africa to preach. While preaching, He felt the Spirit moving and stopped and said, “Let’s worship the Lord!” The preaching ended, for the people, when told to worship, got on their faces and worshipped for over an hour! He later said the word he should have used was “Praise the Lord!” But, we need to truly worship!

VI. They Gave. v.11 They opened their treasurers and presented Him gifts

These gifts were what made the trip to Egypt financially possible for Joseph and his young family! They were not symbolic of anything as far as the wise men were concerned – we have noticed that gold could represent His Kingship; frankincense could represent His Priesthood; and myrrh could represent His death for mankind, but we have no indication that the wise men knew this much about this Jewish King! They were just presenting Him gifts of great value because they had found the King they had sought!

VII. They Obeyed. v.12 having been warned … they returned … by another route.

The Glory did not keep these wise men from being obedient to the Lord’s instructions!

Sometimes, when the Spirit gives us Glory, we get so lost that obedience is forgotten about! We get so caught up in worship and praise that obedience is left out – almost seems out of place! Never so! The glory of the hour did not cloud their willingness to do what the Lord asked!

Conclusion: Wise Men, Women, Boys and Girls still

1. Observe – Because they are looking

2. Understand – because they have studied the important things

3. Act – do what they see and understand they need to do.

4. Rejoice – delighted that God leads them to new and exciting experiences!

5. Worship – know what worship is, and how to do it

6. Give – nothing too good for the Lord and His work, and

7. Obey – know that obedience is better than gifts!

~ Pastor Erny


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