Message by Rev. Erny McDonough
Fisherman’s Chapel, Port O’Connor, Texas

I Cor. 13:5 & 6 “[Love] … is not easily angered. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth.”

Intro: This is our fifth study concerning Anger Management, and I believe next week we will get to the Management stage! Anger is a good emotion used by the entire Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The greatest problem with anger is that it often covers up other emotions like fear, frustration, and anxiety and we never deal with those things in our lives. It is only as we learn the difference between the beneficial anger and the destructive anger that we can become what God has created us to be!

The first week, we saw that anger brings a lot of physical and psychological problems.

The second week, we examined the fight-or-flight response to anger.

The third week, we observed four (4) Old Testament examples of God’s anger and how God’s response was always from a heart of love.

Last week, we noted three (3) New Testament examples of Jesus’ anger (cleansing the Temple twice and His dealings with the Pharisees), and one (1) example of how the Holy Spirit acted out of love for the new Church when He dealt with Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5).

Today, let us see some things that I believe we need to be angry about that maybe we have become too passive in our thinking and actions.

I. Baby Sacrifices:

For convenience, as a way to practice birth control, as a device for population control (as in China), to cover up another sin, and various other reasons, many people today are willing to sacrifice their unborn babies on an abortionist’s table.

When it was time to send a deliverer to Israel, to get them out of Egypt, Pharaoh had the babies killed. When Jesus was born to deliver all from sin, Herod decreed baby killing to be the law of the land. Now that Jesus is coming soon, the enemy of our souls is at work doing his best to get us to sacrifice our unborn and some who are so developed that they could live outside the womb.

We know that God judged Pharaoh and Herod; do we think for a moment that He will not judge us who are doing the same things?

I am not encouraging any radical behavior, but we need to love girls who find themselves pregnant and know they can not mother a child and give them a Godly alternative – like adoption! There are more parents who want to adopt than there are available children – none have to be killed for lack of good parents! Get involved in loving enough to confront and advise God’s way and not satan’s way!

II. False Prophets:

It was Wednesday, September 12, 1984. I had been pastoring in Kennett, Missouri for six (6) years. I had spent that morning at Nursing Homes visiting those from our congregation that were living there. When I went to one of the Homes, I was requested by the Nursing Staff to please go by and see a very distraught resident. When I got to her room, and got her to stop crying so I could understand what she was trying to say, she handed me a letter that said, “If you do not send me $1,000 by the end of this month, I will not be responsible for God’s judgment upon your children.” The lady did not have any money; she was being kept there by the State. After praying for her, I went to my office and prepared another sermon for that evening. It was titled, I’m Mad! My text was Matthew 7:15&16Watch out for false prophets … By their fruit you will recognize them …” There are many false prophets – we should be angry that people are perverting the gospel for profit! I believe in God’s Prosperity, but I get angry when I hear
people use it as a tool of manipulation! I believe in the Security of the Believers, but the way some teach it, since the devil once was a part of God’s Kingdom, he will not be ultimately lost – Baloney! I believe in Self-Help programs and 12 Step programs, but I believe that until the Lord comes into your life your change is only superficial! I believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit, but some teach that we get that with salvation and then are like the three (3) preachers in San Marcos, who Friday could not cast a demon out of a girl!

We need to get angry enough at false teachings that we expose them with truth! Now get ready – everyone is not going to like your doing that! I remember a young man asking me to meet with some Jehovah Witness leaders and to expose their errors, so maybe his girl friend would see the light – but today that young man is so disillusioned with everything that he doubts the very existence of God!

But, let us not only look at false leaders – what about people who claim to be Christian, but live like the devil? They lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, etc. and still claim to be living for the Lord! Those who belonged to this Chapel, who were living like the devil, have hurt the cause of Jesus Christ badly here in this community! People outside the Church have high expectations of those living inside! We must be careful that we do not destroy their possible relationship with the Lord by our loose living!

III. The Secularization Of Our Nation

The USA was founded on Biblical principles. Now we have such ignorant Court rulings that have banned prayer and the Bible from our schools – taken the 10 Commandments out of our public grounds – removed Nativity scenes from our Community Squares – refused to teach Christmas Carols to our school children – do I need to go on with this list? Right has become wrong and wrong has become right! Common decency has been replaced with not only open sin, but with the celebration of sinful acts! Adultery and Homosexuality are still criminal offenses in some States, but who is enforcing it? Remember, Psalms 9:17 “…Every nation that forgets God shall be turned into Hell.”

It used to be that every child went to Sunday School. Now, parents are too busy and/or too lazy even to get their little ones ready for someone to pick up. It used to be that at least Mothers took kids to church, now they have followed Dads and they all stay at home! Many Christians will miss Church tonight to watch the Super Bowl! – I Hope Jesus Does Not Come Tonight!

At our present rate, my Grandkids’ peers will be totally godless, or possibly even god-fighters! We have got to return to our Christ centered roots are we will be lost and America will be no more! I am taking my stand this election and refuse to vote for a Moslem or a Mormon for President of the USA in our Texas Primaries!

Conclusion: I could go on, but I believe you see that there are many things that are happening in Port O’Connor that we need to get angry enough about to see them changed! I will do what I can with the world and even the National scene, but I must do what I can at the local level to be Jesus exalted! This is the kind of anger that God is pleased with!

~Pastor Erny


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